• Stream Clean
  • Campus Clean-Up
  • America Recycles Day
  • Sustainability Day 

Mission Statement: 

We strive to gain respect for Earth and its environmental systems. We are a group of Aggies dedicated to educating others and ourselves about sustainability practices and concepts that promote ecological justice. Through these educational programs we seek to dispell the dichotomy between humans and nature. 

Briana Lindsley '16

Major: Bioenvironmental Sciences and Minor in Climate Change

Personal Passions: Reading, Exploring Nature, Equality for All, Stimulating Conversations, Video Games, Adventures, and Napping

Advice for New Members: Be active in your membership! You are not here by accident. Speak your mind with awareness and intention. Go to the edge of your comfort zone, then go further.



Jamie Cooper '16

Major: Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Personal Passions: Whenever I get the chance, I like to escape to the great outdoors in search of adventure. I thoroughly enjoy hiking, camping, and getting lost in what nature has to offer. Besides that, I love playing with my cat and snake!

Advice for New Members: Step out of your comfort zone and rock it! Don’t keep from attending an event because you don’t know anyone there. This organization is full of unique individuals who exude love, passion, and acceptance, and we want to help you find what fuels your passions to make them a reality. Don’t be afraid to try new things! We’re here for you every step of the way.