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Mission Statement:

We, as Global Outreach, promise to lead committee members to a new appreciation and understanding of the many cultures on our planet. We promise to promote an atmosphere of love for all our members and extend that love to all cultures around the globe. We will keep the entire organization up to date on the most current and important world events, with the purpose of creating a newfound care for previously unappreciated or unknown cultures.

Alex Goldsmith '18

Global Outreach Director

Major: Civil Engineering

Personal Passion: Music

Advice for New Members: Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and get out of your comfort zone



Brandon Puckett '17

Global Outreach Director

Major: Telecommunication and Media Studies w/ Business Minor

Personal Passions: I love life and all that is held within it. I am passionate about my friends and the memories that we make every time we meet. I love reading under some warm blankets and sharing music that I like with the people around me. I love the sounds of nature and the warm feeling you get after helping someone. Most of all I am passionate about the pursuit of spreading love.

Advice for New Members: My advice to all new members is to lose yourself in One Love. Go to all the events, meet new people, do community service and bond with everyone while doing it. The more of yourself you put into the organization the more friends and memories you make because of it. Don’t regret a single action and cherish every new memory and interaction as one that can be taken advantage of and eternalize it in your heart as truly special.